Decorating Your Closet With Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Feb 27th

Sliding mirror closet doors will give your room a stylish appearance and give the illusion of being bigger. Is there any other advantage to these doors?

sliding mirror closet doors for bedrooms
sliding mirror closet doors for bedrooms

Yes, there are many advantages to slidingmirror closet doors.

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Image of: mirror closet sliding doors
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When there is limited space in the room, sliding mirror doors is definitely an advantage. With a standard door, a bi-fold door, or a tri-fold door to have access to the closet you will have to pull out the door closet into the room, taking up some precious space you could fill with other stuff if you closet is using sliding doors. Another advantage is that if you have an unusual doorway opening, you can ask a manufacturer to build the doors according to your doorway size. If you are afraid it will be expensive, then you have to know that sliding doors are often a cheap solution for constructing home.

What about the safety of the mirror doors? What if it breaks?

Well, the track at the bottom of the door is often optional, but it is important since it adds stabilization. Another important feature is that many sliding mirror doors is manufactured with embedded safety features like the mirror surfaces are unbreakable. However, it does not mean you can take chances, especially if you have a toddler playing with the mirror. You can use a clear safety window film over the glass.

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